Xampp Issue

Handling Xampp issue in Windows

Handling Xampp issue in Windows

When you are just start doing Website programming, sometimes we meet issue when your Xampp (Localhost server) suddenly stop working in Windows. And some peoples are having hard times to find any information for how to solve this issue. I will share you how to work with this issue.

Xampp issue

1st) Open cmd or power shell, type netstat -ao -p tcp

2nd) Check the scanning result, check your Xampp’s localhost IP Address on Local Address. As we know the default Xampp’s Localhost IP address is and using port 80 or 443

3rd) After you find the localhost IP address (exp:, next check the PID in the right side

4th) Next Open Task Manager, but first check that your PID is active or not, if not active, you need to activate it in the Task Manager. To activate, go click Process >> View >> Select Columns >> “tick!” PID (Process Identifier)

5th) Then Check the software that known by the PID before in the Task Manager >> Process, that using Xampp’s localhost ip address. But! If you can not find it, go check it on Services, soon you will find out which software that using the port.
As in my example in my cases, port 443 is using and blocked by VMware Workstation Server Shared System.

6th) You have to reconfigure the software that caused the issue.

Hope it helps

Eric X